Dragon Land

Beijing Dragon-Land Friendship Culture Transmission Co.Ltd. is the first service platform of tourism culture industry in the country.It now manages two big compounds.Respectively,they locate at the"Dragon-Land Superior Jade Gallery" at No.8 Dengzhuang ,west to West Suburban Roundabout,Changping District,Beijing and the "Heaven and Earth of the Great Wall" at the Badaling transport hub in Yanqing District of Beijing.These two compouds are all close to the Badaling Highway,with convenient transportation.They are on the to visit the Ming Tombs,Badaling and Juyongguan Pass.Both the"Dragon-Land Superior Jade Gallery" and the"Heaven and Earth of the Great Wall" are conpounds where you can have food,do shopping and have entertainments.The total building area is more than 50000 square meters.In these compounds ,resturants for tourists home and abroad,shops to sell handicrafts and souvenirs and shows for entertainment and so on are combined together.So the tourists can fully understand and admire the traditional Chinese culture while they select the services or souvenirs."Jade House Resturant" is a special trademark on the company' platform.It caters not only group tourists abroad,but also bussiness people and all individuals.It offers excellent  traditional Yan style farm dishes with local characteristics.All the resturant is decorated  in Ming and Qing architecture style,elegant and delicate.Welcom to Dragon-Land Friendship Culture Transmission Co.Ltd.Experience together the new feelings that the Chinese culture brings to the tourists!